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Performing revision rhinoplasties for nearly thirty years, Dr. William J. Binder has developed an international reputation for revision rhinoplasty and has come to be known as the “end of the line” surgeon for the most complex and challenging revision rhinoplasty cases.
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Revision Rhinoplasty

Although most patients are satisfied with their nasal cosmetic surgery, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that up to 25% of patients are unhappy with the results of their initial procedure and about half of those eventually choose to undergo a "revision rhinoplasty"; sometimes multiple times. Their dissatisfaction may be over aesthetic issues like size, shape and symmetry and/or functional problems affecting breathing, sleeping and even eating.  The problems may be due to an issue not properly addressed, a surgical mistake or complication following the primary nasal surgery.

Specialized Knowledge and Skills
Whatever the cause, the issues involved in revision rhinoplasty cases may be varied and complex which is why it is considered among the most difficult of all cosmetic surgery procedures.   Many cases require a revision rhinoplasty specialist with very specialized knowledge, surgical skills and techniques acquired over many years of clinical experience. (more on Revision Rhinoplasty procedure)

“End of the Line” Surgeon
In practice for nearly three decades, Revision Rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. William J. Binder specializes in both primary and revision rhinoplasty.  Double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Binder combines a keen aesthetic sense of facial proportion and balance with a deep understanding of anatomy and function that has earned him an international reputation as an “end of the line” surgeon for the most complex and challenging revision rhinoplasty cases.  Revision rhinoplasty now represents more than 60 percent of his nasal surgery practice. (more About Dr. Binder)

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For many years, Rhinoplasty had the singular goal and approach of reducing the size of the nose by removing tissue. This reductive approach presented serious aesthetic and functional issues over time. The removal of too much supportive cartilage weakened the nasal structure and, in some cases, caused a collapse of the important structural parts of the nose. Deformities and symmetry issues could develop as well as functional problems with breathing, sinuses, sleeping and eating.

Realizing that beauty had more to do with individual facial balance and harmony than size, Dr. Binder developed an approach to rhinoplasty aimed at reshaping the nose while preserving and strengthening its supporting structure. (more on Dr. Binder’s Structure Rhinoplasty)

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